Inspiration: A POV

Dec 19

A Granddaughter’s Inspiration, at 78 R.P.M. -

A Chicago chanteuse discovers the depths of her grandmother’s talent

Dec 01

The Birth of Promotion: Inventing Film Publicity in the Silent-Film Era -

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts Exhibit covering the inception of marketing for the film industry.

Nov 29

Mickey Mouse's prototype -

Long lost Disney short “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” found in British film archive.

Nov 21

Betsey Johnson looooooves the Plaza! -

An Eloise inspired Christmas tree designed by Betsey Johnson

Nov 14

Are you making the right connections? -

The importance of pattern recognition and how it’s a cornerstone of creativity

Nov 10

Silencio -

David Lynch’s members only, Parisian night-club inspired by Mulholland Drive

Nov 08

Why inspiration matters -

A dissection of how inspiration happens, and why it’s important

Oct 31

Community Bank helps the community -

A philanthropic One Show submission.

Oct 21

Inspiration Store -

Need to refresh your fall wardrobe?  Ebay has an app - and store- for that!

Oct 09

"Inspiration will present itself when witnessing the best in human nature."